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Top questions a police department should ask before buying a police in-car video camera

What you need to know about police in-car camera systems for law enforcement.

  1.  Are there any contracts?
    Many companies are now asking your police department to sign a contract for the right to purchase their equipment. The contracts can last as long as half a decade. Police chiefs should be wary about signing any long-term contract. When purchasing police cameras, the equipment should be owned exclusively by your agency.
  2. What are the back-end fees for storage?

    Many police dash cam companies charge not only for the viewing software, but you also must use their expensive storage devices to store video evidence

  3. How much do your proprietary software cost, any licenses, and recurring fees or install limits?
    Almost all the companies now will charge your police department for software to access your own videos. It sounds ridiculous but it true. Does the video evidence software you are using have an annual fee or maintenance fee? If so, your police department will always be paying a fee for the software.
  4.  One of the concerns every Police Chief and Sheriff should ask is, who owns the rights to the video by departments make?

    With Martel Electronics video systems, you own your own videos. Many manufacturers by contract, own the videos you record.

  5.  The #1 concern for every police chief who is using a police car camera, is how much storage do I need?

A myth that most police departments believe is that terabytes of storage are expensive. This is false. Raid storage is dirt cheap. You can get a 24 terabyte hard drive for around $1200 now. This amount of storage would be enough for a police department with 10 men. They could store their police in-car video camera videos and BWC body worn camera videos for 5 years or more. If you want to learn more about police car camera system storage, feel free to contact us. We’re experts in the field of police dash cams and body-worn cameras systems. Our knowledge expert can guide and help your law enforcement agency.

Why Police in-car Camera Systems Are being purchased by every police department

police car camera systems no hidden feesPolice in-car camera systems and body cams have many new features, but they are still not everywhere.

The benefits are huge to police agencies, yet it’s still hard to find the funds. Some police agencies are moving to police dash cams systems but still don’t want body cameras. The reason is, the video seems to be too shaky for the court, and the privacy issues are not settled yet. For the officers, there is a concern that recording citizens are who are not doing anything wrong might be a violation of privacy.

On the other hand cameras systems such as the in-car video recorder for police departments, are only recording when the police officer has made a vehicle stop.

New technology “in-car video recorder for police departments” are changing everything.

The police dash cam systems are moving toward AI, artificial intelligence. Some are able to see weapons and erratic driving all through the windshields. The police in-car video camera is starting to leap ahead of the body camera in 2018. What is next? Learn more here. 

Well, the new apps are promising ticketing and more help for the tired police officer.