Demo police in-car video systems free test units.


Demo Police In-Car Video Systems.

Demo police in-car video systems.
Please fill out this form.  Law Enforcement agencies only.  Thank you for your interest. We respond usually within a hour to our customer request.

Police in-car video systems made in the USA.

Martel has been manufacturing high quality in-car video systems for over 30 years now. Our video cameras not only are rugged but they are have unique features that law enforcement agencies desire and need.

Do you want test our Police dash-cams systems please fill out the above form. A representative will contact you immediately. Give us a chance and we will prove our quality and commitment to our police departments.

Help with your Police Car Camera System

Cutting edge technology is what we are delivering to our agencies. We have been entrusted by the U.S. Military and other branches of the armed forces to provide reliable mobile video systems.

Researching police dash cam system? We have a great informational blog about police car cameras.  Because we update that blog.  First of all you can read interesting articles about in-car video systems.  You can find the latest cutting edge technology regarding license plate recognition and facial recognition systems. Finally we are engineer artificial intelligence to help our police departments.

In addition Martel offers one on one support and training to our law enforcement agencies nationwide.  Our engineers are in California. We consider it our duty to intensely listen to our police chiefs requests.  So if you can not find what you are searching for please contact us.

Buying a police car cameras from Martel is not the end of our relationship with your agency. Rather it is just the beginning. We deliver amazing support and product updates to each customer. Hence Martel strives to make every police department part of our family.

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