Police in-car camera system

DC6 police in-car camera system

DC6 HD ultimate police in-car camera system.

Martel’s police in-car camera system has Artificial Intelligence. In addition our police car system is made in the U.S.A. today!
$2999.99 ea.
HD Police in-car camera systems made in the USA
Police Car Camera used by USA Military & Police

Police In-Car Video Recording System Features:

First of all the DC6 in-car camera was engineered to be future ready. Furthermore, if you invest in the system we can update the system. Likewise we are adding more features, constantly. Therefore customers receiver automatically updates. Finally, bonuses while the unit is the field.

  • Onscreen Officer ID Shift Changer
  • Radar on-screen integration
  • 360° Vehicle Coverage
  • Crash Sensor
  • Customized Event tags
  • Future Ready
  • 1080p HD Video Quality
  • Direct to to SDHC Cards unlimited
  • So Small It Fits in the Palm of Your Hands
  • Integrated GPS Locations
  • Made in the USA
  • Touch Screen Monitor – Solid State
  • Automatic Hands Free Wireless Video Uploading
  • Evidence Management Solution
  • Grade for Ultimate Durability

Police in-car camera systems made in the USA

DC6  In-Car Video System advanced features

The DC6 Digital in-car camera system is feature rich.  Even more, It has every option you can imagine.  Rather than use moving parts we use solid state construction to a military grade touchscreen.  Finally entire video system is only two pieces. It fits int the palm of your hands.

If you have been disappointed in the past.  Now is the time to try a US manufactured police car camera system.  In addition Martel systems have an average life span of 11.5 years.  Consequently used by the U.S. military in all theaters of war, including our largest military base Fort Hood.

Police in-car camera system DC6-DC3

 The DC6 records both the front and behind the vehicle. In addition a rear seat cage camera is recording.  DC6 is military MIL810G  tough. Likewise Its ready for any law enforcement situation.  Above all its engineered for police and military.

Simple touchscreen controls.  Wireless video uploads.  in addition to a wide angle 170 degree camera. Even more features are fully integrated. Furthermore, Martel’s in-car camera system is the best choice for your department.

Most noteworthy in regards DC6 in-car police camera solution. In addition all your icons are one touch and very simple for officers to instinctively use.


Ultimately videos are automatically uploaded via wifi from the vehicle to evidence servers. Finally automated with no officer interaction.

police in-car camera system wireless video uploading


Police Car Camera video wireless uploading

Here is how Police  Hands free Wireless Automatic Video downloading/uploading works:
police car camera wifi video security encryption
DC6 in-car system up to the police station.  At this point the police in-car camera system automatically connects to a 802.11AC wireless network.  The in-car video camera sends a password to the wireless receiver located in the police station. Finally, the encrypted video files are moved via wifi to a computer in the station.

In addition DC6 is equipped with over 11 antennas.  Consequently capable of off loading 2 Gigabytes of HD 720P video in 4 minutes.

15 years on the roads of Afghanistan and Iraq. Our battle proven police car camera system.  Furthermore It handles things like dirt, heat, rough roads, and heavy handed personnel with ease. Finally, our agencies have a partner on patrol when you have the DC6 in-car video system with you.

More Amazing Features:

  • Touch Screen –
  • Solid State  Solid State Design Mil810G Specifications
  • Direct to SDHC Card unlimited size
  • Wireless Video Uploading Transfer using AC Gigabyte uploads
  • 2.4Ghz Wireless officer Microphone System
  • 2 Piece Small Design
  • Made in the USA
  • Radar on-screen integration
  • Customized Event Tags for each police department
  • Case ID input
  • Centralized Fleet Management for protocols and time/dates/video resolutions/record triggers
  • Automatic Firmware updates
  • 1080P HD Front & Rear Camera plus more

Effortless touchscreen for you police in-car camera system

Military Grade Touchscreen/Glove Friendly

Touchscreen Police in-car Camera system

From here on, you will want everything you use to have a touchscreen. The officer sees everything on the screen with intuitive buttons. There are no old fashioned buttons that can break or wear out due to usage. The Touchscreen on the DC6 HD is Mil810G tough. Hence making it unique in the world.

Touchscreen information Legend:
1. Time/Date/ Event Tags
2. User Id/ Officer/Department
3. Wireless Video Upload Signal Strength
4. GPS Coordinates
5. Onscreen Indicators, W= Wireless Microphone, L=Light-bar, G= Crash Sensor, B= Brakes
6. Radar Gun/ Target – Direction – Speed
7. Index Marking of recording during incidents
8. Record 1 Button front camera Rec2 Rear seat suspect camera
9. Play button
10. Volume Touchscreen Control
12. Time Remaining on memory card.  Special Radar Speed Triggering.  Consequently Allows the recorder to start recording automatically. Anytime the radar detects a violation.  Departments can custom set the speed trigger.  In addition, radar equipment interfaces directly with the DC6 HD.  learn more about police in-car camera system. 

DC6 Police in-car camera system mounted.

Headliner/Dash/interior light-bar, Console. So small you can mount it anywhere in your cruiser.

in-car video camera mounted on console in police car
DC6 in-car video camera mounted on console in police car
in-car video camera mounted on interior light bar
DC6 in-car video camera mounted on interior light bar

High Fidelity Long Range 2.4Ghz Police Wireless Microphone 
Police Car Camera wireless officer microphone

For over 23 years we have beeni our police wireless microphone the best in the world.  It has an industry leading distance of over 2000 Feet.  Also another important feature of our wireless microphone is its high fidelity sound. The voice clarity is CD quality.  Presently It uses the 2.4Ghz Frequencies and has 99 frequencies that it’s hopping continuously.

The Martel police wireless microphone system is a 2 way transmitter. Even more it means that the wireless microphone can activate record on the DC6.  Meanwhile DC6 can automatically turn on the officers wireless microphone. Finally, ensuring audio at all times.

As a result, we are the world’s best manufacturer of In-Car Video for police law Enforcement. Martel has been in business for over 60 Years!

Police in-car video Customer Testimonial
Customer testimonial in-car video camera system with wireless video uploading
Mike Marti Senior Network technician City of Moore Police Department Police Car Fleet Manager testimonial about our in-car video cameras
City of Moore Oklahoma has over 90 police in-car camera systems with wireless video uploading.  Police in-car camera video uploading

First off I’d like to say that Martel Products are some of the best. I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I have been running Martel police cameras in the patrol cars for over a year now.

The Server install was probably the toughest part of the deployment. After that was setup and running, we have had zero problems out of it. That is what I like about using Martel, once it is setup and running it’s all automated.

I have spent very little time in the past year having to trouble shoot or repair their product.  Our IT department consists of myself. In addition, another IT guy to cover support for the whole city.

The  product that is automated and trouble free. It is worth its weight in gold if you ask me.  They have made it simple to use and simple to maintain.  Another great thing about Martel. Their server software does not require any extra 3rd party software, such as SQL or anything like.

Also you just point the directory you want the videos to be uploaded. Then its ready to be burned to disk for evidence in the court room.  Finally their Customer support is top notch, very knowledgeable about the products they sell. I have not had to call on them a whole lot.  In fact I think I might have called twice during my year of constant use.

I look forward to continue using their product.  In addition to Keeping my setup updated and maintained.  Therefore over all I would give them 5 stars !! Excellent job Martel.

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