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Get the latest news on Police Car Cameras. We give full reviews of technology that is helping police chiefs and sheriffs across our country. The technology of the police in-car video camera is evolving at a fast pace. We your police department the latest information to make a informed purchase.

Police in-car video cameras saved my life Police Chief Testimonial

Police Chief Testimonial about Martel police in-car video cameras.

police in-car video cameras testimonials

police in-car video cameras testimonials 1police in-car video cameras testimonials 2

police in-car video cameras. Testimonial

To Martel Electronics: 

From Assistant Chief of Police, Sorrento Louisiana How my Martel police in-car camera system saved my life.

Sorrento Police Department
P.O. Box 66
Sorrento, LA 70778
FAX (225) 675 8745

         In this day and age police agencies spend vast amounts of money training their officers for the unthinkable. The loss of a brother is a tragic and weighs heavy on our minds forever. When we think of life saving equipment and training, we seldom think of video cameras. As a matter of fact, most officers refer to them as “Big Brothers ever watchful eye”. Most administrators often reject request for in-car video systems. This is in line with the mindset that a camera cannot stop a bullet. This is indeed true, but taking a officers life doesn’t always mean stopping his heart from beating.

        A few months ago, I stopped a woman traveling Westbound on Interstate 10, who was driving her vehicle in such a reckless manner she actually forced another vehicle to leave the roadway instead of collision. As I activated my emergency lighting equipment, my Martel police in car camera began to record. Or should I say, began to save my life. Three miles later she finally stopped. Upon contact with the driver, I immediately knew this one wasn’t going to go well. As a working patrol officer and departmental administrator, I am prone to letting people vent frustration while awaiting a citation. After all, no ones likes to be in trouble and some handily their emotions differently. As a professional officer, one has to adjust to those emotions. When she discovered that flirtatious innuendo’s were not going to get her out of a citation, things quickly turned south.

       The following day the Chief summoned me to his office. There I learned the woman had called him to get information for her attorney. She informed the Chief that I had inappropriately touched her person and attempted to strike a bargain for sexual favor instead of a traffic citation. When the Chief informed her of our in-car video capability, she quickly terminated the call. We have since heard from her in person, but her traffic citations were paid via/mail shortly there after.

     Like many of my brothers in the law enforcement community, I am dedicated to my duties. My officers and I train for life threatening events on a regular basis. this encounter may not have stopped my heart from beating, but could have changed my world forever. I am a devoted husband, father of three teenage daughter, and servant to my community. My reputation as a professional and credible Police Officer is everything to me, and like my fellow officers, I am 10-8 in my heart. On that day “My Martel police in-car camera system” acted as a bullet proof vest. It stopped the bad guy from taking my life, by letting the truth be seen with crystal clear accuracy. The Martel Electronics police car cameras save lives and money.

Thank You,
Michael J. Langley,
Assistant Chief of Sorrento P.D.

How Police in-car camera systems work

Police in-car camera systems are technological advanced: research paper

Police in-car camera systems.  In addition, the in-car camera video system includes a front-facing HD camera. Likewise, the second component is a digital video recorder. The third is the officers wireless microphone. The fourth and most important is the touchscreen. The touchscreen is the how the officer can control interactions with the in-car camera.

4 advantages that police car cameras have.  Compared to the police-body-worn cameras.

  1. Police can not tamper with the video evidence. He can not change any of the video recorded in the car.
  2.  In-car video camera record options are automatic. Triggers are set up by the supervisors. Likewise, some of the triggers are the light bar, siren or radar, speed.
  3. Video evidence recordings are transmitted via wireless WiFi private network from the in-car camera system to the police headquarters server without the officer handling the original video evidence. This preserves the chain of evidence in court.
  4. Because a key advantage in the police dash-cam or in-car video is its ability to capture a wider visual scene. The in-car camera is normally 10 to 15 feet back from the incident and this gives it a greater perspective than a body-camera.

In-car Video Cameras are Superior for documenting interactions with citizens

Car cameras have a clear advantage most police departments.  Most noteworthy is metadata tags. Because Important video evidence has a tag that the officer has marked the video.

Conclusion regarding police in-car camera systems

In this document, we have learned to allot about police cameras. The main point of this research and information is to allow law enforcement administrators, chiefs and sheriffs to make educated decisions. The police department has read this research article.  Hence If you would like to learn more please contact us.

Police Dash Camera gives us all equal justice

Police Dash Camera gives us all equal justice.

Police Dash Cams have one of the challenging jobs in the world. First of all, officers put themselves in danger to help us. The general public is grateful for the good work that police officers do on a daily basis.

Police Dash Camera gives us all equal justice.

Police Dash Cam (AKA police dash-cams) Benefits

In addition, law enforcement agencies are in a constant search for the best equipment for cars.  Likewise giving the officers the best police cameras possible goes a long way for supporting them. Certainly the police dash cam is the single most useful tool to a police department.   (Definition: Police car video cameras AKA “Police Dash-Cams”). Finally, police car-cameras are utilized by almost every police agency in the United States.

Police dash cams provide oversight capabilities

The police dash cam system provides chiefs, sheriffs with the ability to monitor dangerous situations. Thorough research studies have shown large benefit equipping their cars with a police dash camera system is officer conduct. The police car camera video systems enable police departments to review their enforcement strategies. This is a great feature for the public to see their transparency.  As the police dash cameras become more advanced the efficiency will increase for policing.  Police Dash Cams are an effective solution that can be the defining tool for a police department.


The deciding factors in purchasing a police car camera should be made up of the following:

Budget dollars allocated to equipping cars with HD solid-state In-Car Video Camera Systems.
The durability of our in-car cameras brand. Consequently, the total Cost of ownership of the police dash-camera is critical.  Likewise how long has manufacturer been in business? Finally, it is important the long-term support of the warranty of the camera.  Hence once you have researched all these factors you will come to the conclusion that most police chiefs come to that the hawser is Martel Electronics.

The Police Car Camera Video System has a Proven Track Record (Police Dash-Cam)

The Police Car Camera Video System has a Proven Track Record (Police Dash-Cam)

Police car camera video system has had a huge impact on policing. For this reason, the in-car video camera is the most important item in the police cruiser.

The main reason the police car camera video system is used is to give the law enforcement agencies the upper hand.  Because recording video evidence is important. The auto record triggers have made it possible for police chiefs and Sheriffs to carry out in-car video policies.  Because the chiefs are not on-scene. The Police in-car systems have some major technological advantages over the officer portable body cameras.

 Police car camera video system

Finally the perfect video tool against false complaints. The car’s platform has allowed using reliable electrical systems. Because presently the police pursuit vehicle is reliable. The batteries in the cars are very stable for running continuously 24 hours a day. Likewise, police in-car video recorders need a constant battery feed. Hence this allows the police in-car video system to record continuously.  Consequently allowing the recorder capture evidence up to 2 minutes before recording.


Finally, this feature will never work on police body cameras.

The Police body-worn camera systems have limited small battery life. The body-worn cameras have a number of limitations but none as great as physical size or officer-controlled entirely.  Likewise is going to be an engineering impossibility for body-cameras. The body camera technology may never catch up to the in-car video cameras.

Want to learn more, well we are researching and writing more article every week on the police car camera video system.

How Police Car Camera Video System Document Crime and defend voters

How Police In-Car Camera Systems Document Crime and defend voters

Police car cameras in the last decade have helped police departments around the county.  Lawsuits filed against all police agencies around our country. the most impact was racialism problems. These charges were leveled against native police agencies in addition to state agencies. Why did the police in-car video camera modification everything, from recording to coverage, whereas an official is on duty? the most important modification was, currently each department of local government may show to the typical voters that the officer was conducting his business in a very traditional skilled manner.

Giving the in-car video footage to the public

The police departments looked for how to convey the general public confidence in their agencies. Well all of them came to an identical conclusion.  Hence the police in-car camera video system was the answer. As a result patrol car cameras were injected into enforcement agencies. Because there was a large call accusation against the police.   As a result police chief began to buy in-car video system.
Camera technology has seen vast advancements since the late Nineties.  Probably once achievement ins in quality. Even more police dash cam systems are currently recording in HD. Due to better proof, police have an easier time with the community.  Current police in-car cameras systems as sold here.

Finally requirements for a police car camera system. The only way to ensure reliability is to make the system in the USA. According to our survey police chiefs around the country rely on their in-car cameras 24/7 365 days a year. The second major must have is that the audio and video are high definitions and clear.

The list of required features for police car cameras follows:

  • Records video with a pre-event of 1 minute.
  • Officer uses a password to log in and identify himself are the user of the car camera.
  • The video files must not be proprietary and need a password to view them.
  • The police car cameras must have the ability to connect to radar guns to record violations into the videos.

AMERICAS #1 Police Car Camera System Manufacturer

AMERICAS #1 Police Car Camera System manufacturer

Police Car Camera System Manufacturer since 1857
Police Car Camera System Manufacturer
AMERICAS #1 Police Car Camera System manufacturer for Law Enforcement Agencies
Martel Electrons has been the leader for Police Car Camera System Manufacturer for over 23 years.  Our dedication to delivering the highest quality police car cameras is unmatched.  We are the World’s #1 Police Car Camera System Manufacturer.  Bringing USA manufacturing with affordable in-car camera systems is our goal. We currently offer the most complete line of body cameras and police dash cameras systems on the market today.
Finally, our customers need to buy a police dash cam or in-car video camera system we have exactly what you are searching for.

Police Car Camera System Manufacturer you can trust

The DC6  police in-car camera video recording system in the most feature-rich system ever made.   Leading the way in producing HD police in-car video system that officers can operate. Our advanced Police Car Camera Systems can record clearly in nighttime or daylight documenting evidence for court. Automatic Hands-Free Wireless Uploading from the Police Car to the Police Station using 802.11AC.  Not only is it cut from aircraft aluminum, but it also MIL810G approved.   Police-advanced in-car camera.  Likewise, our solid-state in-car video system is a complete standalone solution. With a Rugged, MIL, Reliable Design, the Martel Solid State In-Car Video System is perfect for any car in your fleet.

In addition body camera, in-car video & evidence management Systems. Furthermore, Martel is a manufacturer of law enforcement video systems. Likewise, we supplying in-car and wearable video solutions.
Finally, we look forward to serving your police department. We have been in business since 1957. In addition, our staff of highly trained personnel is here to assist you are a police chief or sheriff.  Feel free to contact us, we are super friendly.

The Technology Leader
provide the best HD video solutions to law enforcement.