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What every police chief and department needs to know about Police Car Cameras, provide the answer to trust issues in cities the police chiefs want.

Police Car Cameras provide the answer to trust issues in cities the police chiefs want.

Police Chiefs are getting pressured by the public. there is a better way for a police agency to build back the trust. The main issue is accountability of the officers who are on patrol. Often times citizens will complain about a traffic stop and want to see the patrol cameras recordings.  The witnesses only see half of the events, so counting on their testimony might cause your agency some problems. To get it right, you will need police car video cameras, that is the only solution to this vast nation-wide conversation. The unbiased accountability of the dash-cam allows police departments to have 100% proof of proper conduct.

What exactly is a Police Car Camera System?

The police car video dash-camera is a digital video recording system that is hard mounted into a police cruiser. The in-car camera records police incidents between law enforcement and the public, giving everyone a correct view of the stop.
Right now around 80% of the highway police cars have installed in-car camera systems to record traffic incidents. Most of the small local departments find it hard to get funding for the car-cameras. Tragedies like Ferguson’s should have resulted in every cruiser having a police dash-camera system installed into it.

Protections that come from the Police in-car Camera?

There is a huge advantage from police fleet equipping police cars with in-car video systems that are digital. The most beneficial features of these systems are that it can solve issues that arrive during incidents. The digital video evidence that is captured is exactly how the incident happened. This tool can eliminate disputes from the citizenry. Car cameras have also been shown to aid in officer safety and high standards of conduct. It puts the power back in the hands of the police chiefs and administrators to conduct reviews, therefore halting bad behavior. The last benefit from police car cameras is writing reports that are more accurate by the officers themselves. Reviewing their own stops allows officers to see what they did wrong and how to correct it.
The environment is ready for the public to see actual footage from the cars. Police car video cameras give us the best solution to solve this huge problem of our time.

Top questions a police department should ask before buying a police in-car video camera

What you need to know about police in-car camera systems for law enforcement.

  1.  Are there any contracts?
    Many companies are now asking your police department to sign a contract for the right to purchase their equipment. The contracts can last as long as half a decade. Police chiefs should be wary about signing any long-term contract. When purchasing police cameras, the equipment should be owned exclusively by your agency.
  2. What are the back-end fees for storage?

    Many police dash cam companies charge not only for the viewing software, but you also must use their expensive storage devices to store video evidence

  3. How much do your proprietary software cost, any licenses, and recurring fees or install limits?
    Almost all of the companies now will charge your police department for software to access your own videos. It sounds ridiculous but it true. Does the video evidence software you are using have an annual fee or maintenance fee? If so, your police department will always be paying a fee for the software.
  4.  One of the concerns every Police Chief and Sheriff should ask is, who owns the rights to the video my departments make?

    With Martel Electronics video systems, you own your own videos. Many manufacturers by contract, own the videos you record.

  5.  The #1 concern for every police chief who is using a police car camera, is how much storage do I need?

A myth that most police departments believe is that terabytes of storage are expensive. This is false. Raid storage is dirt cheap. You can get a 24 terabyte hard drive for around $1200 now. This amount of storage would be enough for a police department with 10 men. They could store their police in-car video camera videos and BWC body worn camera videos for 5 years or more. If you want to learn more about police car camera system storage, feel free to contact us. We’re experts in the field of police dash cams and body-worn cameras systems. Our knowledge expert can guide and help your law enforcement agency.

Why Police in-car Camera Systems Are being purchased by every police department

police car camera systems no hidden feesPolice in-car camera systems and body cams have many new features, but they are still not everywhere.

The benefits are huge to police agencies, yet it’s still hard to find the funds. Some police agencies are moving to police dash cams systems but still don’t want body cameras. The reason is, the video seems to be too shaky for the court, and the privacy issues are not settled yet. For the officers, there is a concern that recording citizens are who are not doing anything wrong might be a violation of privacy.

On the other hand cameras systems such as the in-car video recorder for police departments, are only recording when the police officer has made a vehicle stop.

New technology “in-car video recorder for police departments” are changing everything.

The police dash cam systems are moving toward AI, artificial intelligence. Some are able to see weapons and erratic driving all through the windshields. The police in-car video camera is starting to leap ahead of the body camera in 2018. What is next? Learn more here. 

Well, the new apps are promising ticketing and more help for the tired police officer.

The Best In-Car Video Systems For Police Departments with Artificial Intelligence Revolutionary

The Best In-Car Video Systems For Police Departments with Artificial Intelligence Revolutionary

Today’s high tech police agencies are moving towards more advanced police dash cams, such are the Martel DC6 HD in-car camera with Artificial intelligence and blockchain readiness. This new type of police car camera. The issue with most police departments today is that they are buying dash cameras that have components such as the digital video recorder that is made in one country, and the camera head is made in another factory abroad and both are not designed to work together. The Martel DC6 HD in-car video system is designed here in California from the ground up to work as one system. We designed and engineered the total system to work as one. Even though you are getting state of the art video technology at an affordable price, we have your best interest in mind about reliability.

Martel DC6 In-Car Video System High Definition with AI

Police in-car camera system DC6-DC3

Since Martel has been designed and manufacturing police in-car cameras system for over 30 years now, we are choosing the best quality parts to ensure performance. We have included new tools and options to help officers and department streamline data, video and metadata collection. We have the industries most Reliable video systems in the world.

Martel police in-car video systems serving in both Iraq wars
A little-known fact is that Martel police in-car cameras were sent to Iraq with our troops in the gulf wars. Our systems are not only Military grade 810G but also very easy to use for our soldiers.

Our latest high definition in-car video system features

Along with HD recordings, we have enabled a very small data rate in 1280 by 720P recording option. This gives the police department a high-quality video evidence but without the huge storage cost. Also, we have created a way for police agencies to customize their own event tags and case Identification numbers directly into our DC6 police car camera.

Unlimited Storage Capacity for our New in Car video Camera System DC6

The DC6 can run on 256GB SD cards or 1 Terabyte SDHC memory cards. There is no limit to storage so as the cards get cheaper you can buy large cards.

Touch Screen Easy User interface

Every Martel in-car camera system we manufacture has to have a simple officer user interface. Martel makes sure that the systems can be used immediately by every police officer without training them. This ensures that the police dash cam will be used all the time by everyone.

Why Choose Martel Police Car Camera System?

We have designed out advance DC6 police car camera to simply be the best in the world. The DC6 HD records to an SDHC card and the video files are standard .mp4. You can play them with Windows Media player. No special video player or passwords needed.
2 Piece Design makes it easy to install on headline or console.

Want to learn more email us or use our contact form.

6 Reasons why police chiefs buy our in-car video system over other police car camera systems

6 Reasons why police chiefs buy our in-car video system over other police dash cams.

Police dash-cams have been the best tool for police departments who need to increase confidence in their cities. Since a majority of police agencies use in-car video cameras systems today, it’s already familiar to an officer.

Here are the 6 logical arguments to install a police in-car video system in
your police fleet of cruisers.


The police in-car video cameras have a huge advantage over other types of video systems like the body camera simply because you wirelessly upload the video evidence without an officer handling it. Getting an in-car video system policy in place is very important. The best police dash cam manufacturers have software that can set policies in the entire fleet at one time. The central fleet management software allows the entire fleet of police car cameras to be identical to each other.

Police in-car video camera system


Once your police car returns to the station and wirelessly uploads the videos, the police chief or supervisor can review and teach from the videos. Even seasoned officers sometimes need to watch their police dash cams for mistakes that need to be corrected for officer safety.


From the in-car to the police station and beyond. The police dash cam is backing up the officer’s account and gets rid of erroneous accusations.  The video evidence in most cases protects the police agencies from lawsuits. If the citizens and the police can watch the same video and come to an understanding of the situation, it helps everyone.


Of the most important roles for the police dash camera is to provide
hard evidence in court. The dash cameras help court cases such as DUI and speed violations.  A video is stored for several months without importance, then its called into question and may support the police departments stance.

For the last 20 years, the police car cameras have been automated in their recording ability. When the light bar is activated it starts recording. The officer really doe not have any control over this feature which gives everyone involved a sense of trust about the dash cam.

In the past couple of years, our brave men and women in blue have taken allot of undue scrutiny. Now officers are seeing their in-car video cameras as their best friend, and their partner. The unit is always backing them up even with there are alone.

In its long battle tested life over the last 20 years, the digital in-car
video systems have shown themselves to be the best choices for police departments. As advanced technology starts to be implemented into the police cars, the police in-car camera will be the heart of any video system in the future.

Police Dash Cameras Versus Police Car Cameras

Police Dash Cameras have many differences from Police Car Cameras

Let start by stating the most important fact the dash camera system is made for citizens. They are mostly made in China and are made of plastic and cheap materials. The camera’s lenses are often CMOS and have a fisheye lens. Most of the dash cameras have a loop recording that can only go up to 5 minutes then they stop. Now, on the other hand, a police car camera system which has a full range advanced features that a police department needs for their job.  For example, a police car camera can accept a direct feed from a radar gun and display speed violations on the in-car video recordings.

What is a Police Dash Cam?
Police Dash Cameras have many differences from Police Car Cameras

How Police Car Camera systems are superior to Police Dash Cameras

Laying out some specific advantages to police car cameras is quite simple.

  1. Police car cameras have an integrated interface for Lightbar activations and brake light indicators.
  2. Police car cameras always have the ability to incorporate radar guns.
  3. When a police car camera start recording can be customized by each police department.  Usually, a police dash camera only has a manual record activation.
  4. Police car camera systems have event tags which can be customized, ie DUI or Warrant. This is one of the most important factors in deciding which police dash camera to buy for your police department.

How a Police department can choose which police car camera system to buy

The main consideration of a dashboard camera should be its durability. In-car video cameras are run 24 hours a day, 360 days a year. This means that the quality of the components inside the DVR should be American made for reliability.  Often police agencies will choose the most expensive car cameras instead of the dash camera that fits their needs. The least inexpensive unit from China with a camera head made by one manufacturer and the rest of all the other components made by other companies. In this type of systems is a Frankenstein of noncompatible components cobbled together that often done work well together.

Evaluating the functions of a police dash camera

Since the police dash cameras were not designed for law enforcement but for the general public, they lack automation.  What we are talking about in automation in police car camera systems is a set of crucial evidence gathering tools incorporated into the hardware and software.  The onboard dash camera cannot automate the wireless uploading of video files from the car to the police servers.

Conclusion about police dash camera versus a police car camera

This information in this article should be widely available for all police departments. The police officers job is tough enough the in-car video camera should be a helper. If you want to learn more about police dash cameras or police car cameras, please feel free to contact us.

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New Digital Police Car Camera Technology

New Digital Police Car Camera Technology: How Latest Technology is a Game Changer for Lawn Enforcement

Digital Police Car Camera Technology
Digital Police Car Camera Technology

Digital Police Car Camera Technology
The new era of High Definition Cameras is having a huge effect on law enforcement. The latest technology has every police chief in the nation are buying them.

We are going to outline the 3 most advantageous options for police departments.

Digital police car camera technology that is available today for law enforcement.

1. High Definitions CMOS imagers:

These super small crystal clear images are making their way into cutting-edge police car camera systems and body cameras. They hold a clear advantage over the analog imagers just used a few years ago.

2. Wide Angle Flat CMOS camera images:

This is probably the only website in the world that will inform you about the advanced flat imagers. These special cameras are incorporated into Martel police dash camera systems.  Flat CMOS cameras give a wide view while recording. It doe not distort edges like fisheye lenses.
3. Facial Recognition police car camera systems:

This special software allows the artificial intelligence software or machine learning to see and recognizes faces. This is the wave of the future.  It can recognize faces and match them to a wanted suspect database. Therefore the software is also drawing boxes around faces and sharping the faces up.

New police car camera technologies are given police department the advantage

Most police departments today are utilizing police dash cameras and body cameras. The outcome of this is a benefit for the officers and the civilians. The in-car cameras are a must for all police departments.

The statistic shows those police departments who have dash camera systems installed in the cars are protected from citizen complaints. According to the International Police Chiefs Association (IACP), where there is a dash camera video recording, 94% of the complaints against officers are dismissed.

The newest police dash camera system technologies are aiding law enforcement. If you need help choosing a police dash cam or a in-car video camera system we can help. We are the worlds experts about police car camera video systems. Feel free to call or email us. 800-553-5536 or

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How Police Dash Camera Systems are Crucial to Citizens

How Police Dash Camera Systems are Crucial to Citizens

How Police dash camera systems help officers serve and protect their citizens. The police dash camera is always recording. It provides an unbiased look at the indent which helps everyone.  The public is using their smartphones to record officers making arrests. Often the video is shot in a way to make the officer’s actions look extreme.

How Police Dash Camera Systems
How Police Dash Camera Systems

Police Dash Cam Cameras ensure confidence.

First of all, Police departments have been quickly purchasing and equipping their police cars with the latest HD police dash cameras. The dash-camera system helps the officers. Now more than ever police departments are buying in-car video camera systems. The dash cameras mean transparency with the public.

790,033 Police officers are using Police Dash Camera Systems

The police agencies are finding that the in-car camera system is the most valuable tool they own. It does not have a rechargeable battery and it is always working. The majority of police agency has proven that the police dash cams save lives. It gets the story correct in court. Car cameras also play a crucial role in deciding how to police your police department is to your citizens.

Police Dash Camera Systems provide crucial training for officers

Police dash camera systems provide officers and their supervisors a host of training opportunities. In addition, officers who have been in the field for 20 years can still make improvements. It a recent study 81% of police chiefs say the police dash cam makes a valuable training tool for their officers. Training can reduce injury.  Police Chiefs can decide which in-car video cameras are right for their department.

Finally Police Dash Cameras Crucial

Survey of police chiefs say about 73% of police cars are equipped with police car camera systems. In addition more and more are buying dash cameras.

Super benefits from installing Police Dash Camera System Technology at you police agency

Police Dash Camera System huge benefits

Police Dash Camera System gives you police a super advantage. After 23 years of service, the police dash camera is the most reliable accurate recorder of an incident. Almost all police departments now are using in-car police video systems. 

Police Dash Camera System MDP6

As a result, questions still remain about the police body camera

The body cameras have the potential to be a really helpful technology. Consequently, issues arrive when you see the police body camera footage. Here is a list of the issues associated with body cameras. BJA’s Body-Worn Camera Team developed the National Body-Worn Camera Toolkit website.

  • The video evidence is super close to the suspects and looks usually very bad or dramatic for the police officer.
  • The video is footage does not contain side views
  • Your body may block the view of the camera.

In addition, these are crucial things for police chiefs to consider before buying and implementing a police body camera policy.

Citizens false reporters of officer misconduct and police dash camera systems

If a citizen reports the misconduct of a police officer the in-car video camera can immediately prove the officer’s actions are justified. This is a huge potential cost saving from legal damages that a police department may have to pay out. If the police dash camera system is high definition this is even better because of the crystal clear video evidence. The police car camera has a large perceptive field of view.  Since the dash camera is usually 10 to 15 feet back from the police officer and the suspect the video shows a greater field of view than a body camera.

Most of all your police dash camera systems give you a superior perspective of the suspect and the incident. This allows your police agency to give a non-bias view of the entire incident. The police dash cam system has become the most indispensable piece of technology in the police car today.



What is a police Dash Cam? Definition: a police dash camera is a mobile recording system that is fixed in a police vehicle.

We wrote this article to educate police wanting to learn about the basics of police dash cam.
Please note: we strive to remain completely unbiased. Disclaimer: Martel is a manufacturer of police dash-cams systems. We try hard to offer an instructive insight on all relevant information for police chiefs concerning to dash cams. In addition the primary purpose of enhancing and developing a more thorough understanding of the law enforcement community.

What is a Police Dash Cam?


The dash-camera in law enforcement vehicles only record when the light bar is activated. The digital video recorders are asking know as in-car video, dash camera, in-car cams or police dash cams. The cameras are cop cars capture evidence with an in-car dash camera or dashcam as they’re commonly known.


In addition, they can also be assigned to a police dash cam, Car camera or In-Car Video Recording Systems.

by and large, they all refer to that multi-channel dedicated camera custom built and record to capture visual evidence that occurs outside and inside the police car, These video along with recorded audio are generally recorded and stored within an SDHC card. These special dash cameras have features that only police need. For example, record triggers such as activation of the light bar. Because police need audio the officer wears a wireless microphone.


Police dash cam systems are the most critical piece of equipment in the vehicle today. The video technology has gone from grainy images to full high definition.  Future tech will include 4K resolutions and facial recognition software.


There are only two types of police dash cam system.  The fist is an important dash camera system. Usually from China.  Its always lacking quality and reliability. In Contrast, an in-car camera made in the USA is superior.

Furthermore, dash cams enhance trust in the community.  Finally, in-car video systems use special record triggers.  This frees the officer up to do his job and remain safe.


Altogether we have educated on our comprehensive knowledge of the police dash cam. On our site, we will continually be adding information pertaining to police dash cams for law enforcement.