Small Police Departments are not buying police body cameras anymore! Chiefs say Storage is too expensive.

Small police departments are moving away from body cameras, stating that the programs are too expensive to maintain.

Storing video has become the biggest issue for police departments who have 40 officers or fewer on duty.  The excess fees and storage cost for cloud storage is driving small law enforcement agencies to stop buying police body cameras. 

This is a Critical issue for Police Chiefs and Sheriffs nationwide!

Does having a police body camera affect the officers conduct?

latest study shows mixed results on whether the body camera BWC helps or hurts a police department.  

For example, a 5 man police department is estimated to spend $15,000.00 per year on storage fees. This is devastating to their budgets and will impact public safety. That is why police departments are not buying BWC body cameras in 2019, and the number of police departments nationwide using body cameras is shrinking! Police departments are dropping body camera programs.  

Latest Police Body Camera study shows Police Chiefs that body cameras have no effect on officer conduct

National public radio : Body Cam Study Shows No Effect On Police Use Of Force Or Citizen Complaints

3 main reasons Police Departments and Sheriff’s departments are abandoning the body camera:

  • Software contracts and storage fees never end 
  • The body camera does not really affect officers conduct 
  • Storing video is cost prohibitive 

If you are a Police Chief or a Sheriff and you are searching for a body camera without any storage fees or contracts, we have the answer for you. The Crime Cam police body camera has no fees associated with video storage. 


how do police dash cameras work?

How do police dash cameras work?

Definition: Answer to how to do police dash cameras work is quite simple. Police dash-cameras is the most important tool in the police vehicle next to the officer gun.

Solved answer to how do police dash cameras work.

The result is huge jumps forward in the video technology police departments are using, such as body cameras and police car cameras.
Today the latest 2019 numbers are that over 74% of all police departments are using police dash cameras.

There are 3 Main types of Police Dash Cameras:

When the police officer activates their emergency light bar and siren the police dash camera system goes into recording mode. This is a trigger for record activation.  This is a crucial piece of information you can only find in this article.

This is the most critical part of the police dash camera. Learn more please read all the educational literature on our site.

when did police start using dash cameras?

When did police start using dash cameras?

Definition: Answer, A Police car dash cam, dashboard camera, car DVR, driving recorder, or event video data recorder. Police started using dash cameras in 1981.

Answer to the question about when the police started using in-car video dash camera systems.