Exclusive, Intelligent Police Car Camera Systems. Therefore,
Police in-car camera video system – Radar Interfacing Cable, shows and records speed target, and violation right into the video. Exclusive. Compatible with Stalker Radar, Decatur Radar, MPH Radar and Kustom.
Worlds Only Police Car Camera Radar interfacing cable

Leading edge police car camera systems

First of all, our Police-in-car camera systems are engineered for the US army & heavy Law Enforcement use in mind. In addition, we deliver the highest quality police In-car video recording system made in America.  This has allowed us to become the World’s #1 quality manufacturer of in-car video systems.
The police car camera has evolved into most important video tool for law enforcement. Police car Camera System  We know you are spending your agency’s time and treasure with us. We want to assure you that we take it seriously.
Therefore, every Martel system is hand-built, high performance, and tested like a Rolex. This, in turn, allows us limited high-quality production and exclusiveness. Most noteworthy, we have been in business for 60 years. Therefore, we are going to be here to warranty and support your cameras. Law Enforcement departments are switching to Martel systems in dramatic numbers. We are one of the best police car camera system manufacturer.
WHAT IS A POLICE IN CAR VIDEO CAMERA SYSTEM? DEFINITION: it is dvr recorder that is permanently mounted in a police\law enforcement vehicle. The police in car video systems, consist of a camera head, a dvr for recording video, a screen for the officers to watch and wireless microphones. This is the most common police car camera system.
Delivering on a promise of affordable in-car camera systems, our goal is to make the most reliable in-car camera possible. Likewise, we only use top of the line parts in-car video cameras. Our police dash cam systems are designed to stay in the field for extended periods.

Police In-Car Video Cameras engineered with easy usability.

Our In-car video camera systems use simple touchscreen controls. You can use a Martel dash-cam instantly. No learning required.
  • Supplier of nearly 1/4 of the agencies in the US for in-car video systems.
  • Ultimate police in-car camera HD police dash cam system with 1080P Clear View Technology
  • Automatic Hands-Free Wireless Video Evidence Uploading via Wi-Fi from car to station
  • Police Dash Cam 2 in 1 system with an affordable price 
  • Advanced Technology – Leading Research & Development

33 years making America’s exclusive police in-car cameras

Consequently, today we are delivering the DC6 HD police dash cams to every state.  We are also developing police dash-cam systems capable of facial recognition. More importantly, we have invested years of research and development in reliable In-Car Video Recording Systems.
DC6 touchscreen dramatically improves officer ability to operate the in-car system.
As a result, we have award-winning advanced technology features:
  • Ultra high-speed processor for amazing video resolution
  • High-Speed Police Car Camera Wireless Video Uploading via AC Wi-Fi Network Wireless video upload
Police in-car camera systems for Local and Federal agencies
Martel offers the most complete selection of police car camera systems. No matter what size your department is, we have an in-car camera that fits your budget and agency. We are a premier manufacturer of in-car cameras after so many years Need help with police in-car video systems reviews or police in-car video grants. Buying police in-car video systems? Need help to choose digital police- car-video-systems? We have experts who can guide you with your police in-car video systems reviews. We also have grants for police in-car video systems, police in-car video systems prices and more. Police in-car video systems grants are tricky, and we can provide your police department help. Buy a used police in-car video systems use our contact form above. Our police in-car video systems are some of the best in the world.  Police car camera companies. Martel police in-car video system one of the best the world. Our expertise in police in car video grants.  Learn recorder is really important in the police in car video equipment. Police in car video cameras are made by police in car video companies. We have digital police in car video systems and police in-car video systems reviews. The police in car video camera systems are equipped with police in-car video.  Learn more about police in car video and police in car video system also we have used police in car video systems. Get information about police in-car video policy and police in-car video systems. DISCLAIMER: THE MATERIALS MAY CONTAIN INACCURACIES AND TYPOGRAPHICAL ERRORS. INTERFACE DOES NOT WARRANT THE ACCURACY OR COMPLETENESS OF THE MATERIALS OR THE RELIABILITY OF ANY ADVICE, OPINION, STATEMENT OR OTHER INFORMATION DISPLAYED OR DISTRIBUTED THROUGH THE SITE. ANY RELIANCE ON ANY SUCH OPINION, ADVICE, STATEMENT, MEMORANDUM, OR INFORMATION SHALL BE AT YOUR SOLE RISK. INTERFACE RESERVES THE RIGHT, IN ITS SOLE DISCRETION, TO CORRECT ANY ERRORS OR OMISSIONS IN ANY PORTION OF THE SITE. INTERFACE MAY MAKE ANY OTHER CHANGES TO THE SITE, THE MATERIALS, AND THE PRODUCTS, PROGRAMS, SERVICES OR PRICES (IF ANY) DESCRIBED IN THE SITE AT ANY TIME WITHOUT