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10/13/2010 Martel Wins South Carolina State Contract for Police Car Camera
System Contract Numbers #4400002946 #4400002947 "

The DVD PARTNER Police Car Camera video system is the most revolutionary digital police in-car video system in the world. Direct-to-DVD-Video police in car camera. Combining ultra-high quality video and audio with the ability to output a playable DVD. Don't be dragged into buying multiple servers and backend software. The DVD Partner police car camer can automatically burns a playable DVD right in the vehicle.

THE DVD PARTNER records directly to a DVD inside the police car. The DVD can be played on any regular DVD player. This is the worlds only Solid State Police Mobile DVD video recording system. NO HARDDRIVES to error or crash. Advancement in technology allows the video system to burn the DVD as the video records. Theres no need for hours of Video Transcoding on a computer.. Simple and Direct.

You can burn DVD's while you drive.

Records Directly onto a standard DVD Disc. Get up to 8.5 Hours of recording time on a single DVD. All DVD's recorded on the DVD Partner play back on normal every day DVD players like the one you have at home. This is simply the best solution for replacing your old VHS systems..

The DVD Partner is the most significant police in-car video system since VHS was introduced in the 1970's. No computer required. DVD technology is the standard for court evidence. "Direct-to-DVD-Video" police in-car video system that records directly onto a dvd in the police car.

The video recorded in the car is exactly the same as that shown in court. The DVD Partner Police Video system maintains the Chain of Custody and helps prevent the possibility of evidence being deemed inadmissible.

NO SPECIAL DVD discs are REQUIRED. The DVD PARTNER can record to the following type of disc: DVD-R, DVD+R, DVD-RW, DVD+RW.

3 Years of Research and Development with the US MIlitary went into the DVD PARTNER. 65 Top Engineers fulfilled the militaries need for a field ready video system, tough enough for Iraq. Military 810F tested.

Available in 2 Versions - 1 piece overhead and 2 piece module system for universal mounting into any vehicle.

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POLICE CAR CAMERA DVD Mobile Recording system for law enforcement

News Update: The DVD Partner in-car Camera system now has the ability to burn just the individual stop you want to take to court, Fast!
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Police Car DVD System Now Instock Ready for Immediate Delivery. Direct-to-DVD-Video Police Car Camera system. Direct-to-DVD-Video in-car video system. The DVD Partner is designed for Large, Medium and Small police departments who want to have a police car camera but do not want to hassle with computers. The Police Car Camera system is built for easy of use. You just record the video in the police cruiser and when you are finished, you place a DVD disc into the DVD Partner and press the burn DVD on the touch screen. When it is done it ejects a finish DVD-Video disc for you evidence you can watch on any dvd player it the world. Now you are done, no computers or software to complicate your evidence chain.


Martel has developed the most advanced direct to DVD police in car video system on the planet. The DVD Partner police car camera system, has no moving parts except for the burner. Advanced Touch Screen technology has replaced the need for old fashion buttons. The DVD Partner can record to re-writeable DVD-RW's that can play in any regular DVD player. As police departments phase our their VHS video systems, Direct to DVD is the most economical replacement. 65 Engineers devoted thounsands of man hours of engineering on this one in car police video system. The end result is a nearly indestructible, court ready system. The DVD Partner is the best solution for small and large departments alike.

The Martel DVD Partner is a self contained mobile police in car video system. It does NOT need a computer or server to make evidence. The video recorded in the car is the same that is shown in court. This is superior for large agencies and state patrols that cover huge geographical areas. Large departments who have 24 hour a day cycles can change the user information at the top of the video screen on each DVD Partner with just a flash thumb drive, no lengthy process or getting a supervisor.

  • DVD Partner Police in-car camera system is authoring playable DVD's while you drive.
  • The DVD Partner police in car camera system can burn DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW.
  • POLICE CAR DVDs play on any regular DVD player.
  • Each Police Stop file name is unique with time, date, when it started, when it ended, Officers name and car number. All generated
    automatically in the unit and showing up as line menus in your DVD player.
  • Metadata is also displayed on the video (Time, Date, Officer Name, Police department, Radar, GPS, Crash Sensor, Lights, Microphone & more)
  • No Trunk Mounting, No environmental Controls. Solid State, works in Temperatures -40 Fahrenheit to 190+ Fahrenheit.
  • Automatically creates menus that are labeled by time and date and officers name.
  • NEW, Touch Screen controls just like the Apple iphone.- No old fashion buttons.
  • NEW, Populate Officer information on the video file by inserting a Flash Thumb drive into the front door of the unit. This allows the department to change user information with-out a supervisor.
  • Police Car DVD has a New, License Plate Auto Zoom. Just push the ZOOM button on the touch screen and the camera will Zoom in on the license plate, focus for 3 seconds and zoom back to its original setting. Industry First.
  • New, Radar Interfacing cable displays radar information onto the video on the Police Car DVD System.
  • Touch Screen Controls for easy access.
  • Pre-Alarm Recording - Captures up to 3 minutes of video prior to record activation. Documents Probable Cause & Eliminates Racial
    Profiling Claims. Its like having your own personal Time Machine!
  • Adjustable Pre-Alarm setting: 1 to 2 minutes.
  • 2.4 GHz Digital Wireless Microphone - 40 digital channels ensure multiple systems can operate in close proximity without interference.
  • Wireless Mic Auto Activation - the DVD PARTNER automatically turns on the wireless microphone whenever the system is activated. Likewise the wireless microphone activates the DVD PARTNER. This means never worrying your officer forgot to turn on their either their video or audio recording.
  • Martel POLICE CAR DVD PARTNER has No moving parts, which means nothing can break down. No hard drives, no spinning DVD burners, no moving parts. Testing has shown us that this is the only way to have a digital video system last more than 6 months in a police car without service. Hard drives will fail due to climate and motion.
  • Recording Over Protection - officers can review video but can not delete or rewrite.
  • Built to work in Temperatures from -40 Fahrenheit to 190+ Fahrenheit without a heater or cooling fans!
  • Easy to learn 3 Button operation: Record, Play, Auto Zoom on license plate.
  • Police Camera Digital image stabilization (Removes shaking from your video)
  • On Screen indicators show "W" when your wireless microphone is activated. "L" for light bar, "B" for brakes.
  • Simple 1 piece design for easy installation - Installs in minutes. Nothing in the Trunk of the Car!
  • Linux Direct operating system. The operating system is not based on a PC and there are NO Windows operating system crashes.
  • Supervisor Controls - Lockable Supervisor wireless remote for advanced functions & SD card Video Access
  • Optional GPS: With an external GPS receiver module the system can record both Location and Speed of the police vehicle.
  • If the DVR is damaged or destroyed, all recordings are safe, having been written and finalized in the memory up until that point. Most other systems require finalization of the file upon ending of a shift, risking a complete loss of recordings until this is done.
  • Search Events by time/date using our easy Digital Video Evidence Manager software.
  • Maintenance Free.
  • One Year Warranty Parts & Labor.
  • The Only Police Car Camera Digital Video System on the Market today that is rated by the Military.

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