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Justice Dept. will spend $20 million on police body cameras nationwide, HELP OR WASTE


  So how much of this money will be spent on outdated, expensive cameras with a small upfront fee and a huge month or yearly cloud storage lease. That was the question on all of our minds when the justice department announced this big amount of cash for body cameras. Normally through the government bid process the cheapest body worn camera wins. This often leads to problems with the implementation of the cameras in the field. Unreliability, poor images at night, short battery life are all the plagues affecting police departments today.

I have a few solutions for the law enforcement agencies looking to buy police body worn cameras.

1. Make sure the company you are dealing with has been around for a least 11 years. This will ensure the customer care and service you are going to need.

2. Check to see if the camera can record effective video in the night time without lighting. I know it might sound strange but criminals love the dark. Most bad incidents are around the 11 am to 3 am time frame.

3. Battery life, is the key to keeping officer on shift with a camera on their body. The camera should at least be able to record 9 hours straight without recharging.

4. A docking/charging station is a must. It will free the officer up, by allowing him to drop and forget the body camera. The docking station will do all the downloading and file movements.

As time moves along I will updates this hand list for police departments to help them with their purchasing decisions.

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